Wanda’s Wonderful World Takes Home its 1st International Film Fest Award

Here’s some Wanda-ful news!

Wanda International Awards Feature Photo

CBN Asia’s Holy Week Special Wanda’s Wonderful World earned the respect of the international movie critics and enthusiasts after winning numerous awards and nominations at the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival (GLCFF) 2019 in Buffalo, New York, on August 4.

Among hundreds of films around the world, the faith-based film that graced last year’s Lent was hailed as the Winner of Best Special Effects in a Narrative Feature, Best Experimental/Most Creative in a Narrative Feature, and Best Lighting in a Narrative Feature.

It also received 4 nominations – Best Producer in a Narrative Feature, Best Director in a Narrative Feature, Best Comedy in a Narrative Feature, and Best Cinematography in a Narrative Feature.

Wanda's Wonderful World Ricky Tirso Connie

Starred by top-caliber actors Coney Reyes, Tirso Cruz III, and Ricky Davao, the story revolves around Wanda (Coney) – a former beauty queen and the CEO of a well-renowned events company, Wanda’s Wonderful World, and her endless pursuit for true love and purpose.

Wanda's Wonderful World - Coney Reyes

“I enjoyed doing this project. Thank you, Lord! Glory to God! Congratulations CBN Asia and Team Wanda’s Wonderful World,” expressed Coney, who breathed life to the character of Wanda.

Wanda's Wonderful World Tirso and Coney

Meanwhile, Writer-Director and CBN Asia’s Special Projects Manager Icko Gonzalez shared how viewers can relate to Wanda, as people continually seek to fill the void in their hearts and from whom they can find the wholeness in life.

 “There is a Wanda in all of us. Like Wanda, I hope that we find our wholeness in a God who’s not only our Father, but a Best Friend who truly understands us and loves us, no matter what. We are extremely grateful for the recognition and the opportunity to tell stories that inspire and celebrate second chances,” he ended.

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