From Bags to Riches – What is the Key to Breakthroughs?

“This is a product of many years of praying, many years of intimacy with the Lord,” Rosemarie Oamil responded, pertaining to her line of bags and accessories.

Rosemarie Oamil 1

Despite their family’s financial lack, she pursued her studies with the heart to help her parents and 9 siblings. Trying to cope in schooling, a small box used to be Rosemarie’s school bag, “Deep inside me, I was embarrassed to be the only kid with a carton bag.”

One day, one of her teachers invited her to a youth Bible study group, where Rosemarie encountered the Lord.

Through God’s grace and unfailing prayers, she graduated and chased her passion as a teacher, and later on finished her master’s degree in Business Administration.

She then married Melecio, and God blessed them with a daughter – Hannah. However, 3 days after their baby’s birth, the doctors discovered that Hannah has a hole in her heart.

Rosemarie Oamil 2

With their daughter’s life at risk, Rosemarie and Melecio entered the business of exporting accessories from Cebu to provide for her medical operation and maintenance.

“We prayed very hard, I even danced like David for the Lord to hear me! He gave us a chance to be part of a show in London. After all the homework that we did, we had zero sales,” Rosemarie recalled.

Facing the wall, crying, and doubting herself, Rosemarie went home to the Philippines while her husband stayed in London to work. The couple didn’t stop praying for their breakthrough and joined another trade fair in Hongkong, where a Korean national approached and checked their products.

“He asked me if he can sit in our area, I told him that, ‘Of course, you’re welcome to sit! Do you need water? There’s also food here.’ ” When the Korean left, two of his men approached Rosemarie and ordered her products.

She was astonished to know that the man he helped is a huge importer to America. That day, she closed a deal worth 4M pesos – the biggest breakthrough of her life.

Rosemarie Oamil 3

God started to fill their bags with favors, which enabled them to travel the world and on 2012, they created a product line of bags and accessories that mirrors the adversities and triumphs in their lives. They do shows in Paris, New York, Milan and other countries to reach out to people.

“We will use our business as an avenue to minister, to spread the Word of God. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” Rosemarie ended.

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Are you also praying for your breakthrough? You can trust that God will always be your great provider. Partnering your perseverance and obedience with a prayerful heart, believe that your biggest breakthrough is about to come.

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