Are you Worried that your Dreams won’t come True?

Michelle Pastrana was.

Seeing how their family struggled every day to make ends meet, Michelle overflowed with dreams of bringing a better future for her loved ones. She persevered despite their lack, and her heart brimmed with hopes when she brought home her high school diploma.

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Faced with the impossibility of realizing her dreams because her father doesn’t have a regular job, Michelle kept her eyes on her aspirations.

“Even though it seemed impossible for me to study, in my heart, I know I will. Someday I will help my family. Someday, my family’s lives will be better,” Michelle shared.

Favorably, one of her relatives helped to finance her entrance exam in a well-known university. Despite thorough preparations, she did not make the cut.

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“All my dreams vanished. That very moment, I was depressed,” she recalled.

Brokenhearted by the news, Michelle was plagued by disappointment and anxiety, and brought her sleepless nights.

She was at her rock bottom when she chanced upon The 700 Club Asia. Moved by the powerful prayer of host Peter Kairuz, she surrendered all the weight on her shoulders to the Lord.

“I surrendered my heavy heart, my hopelessness, my lowest point as a young person. It was like my destiny that, that night – I’ll submit my life to Jesus. That night, the Lord will help me with my troubles,” Michelle said.

Days after accepting Jesus in her life, she received a text message from her classmates bearing a great news – Michelle’s name was on the waiting list of passers!

She rejoiced and found peace that the God she chose to follow is a promise-keeping God. Michelle entered college, took the course Entrepreneurial Management and finally, graduated in 2015, “No words can express how happy I am because my dreams were fulfilled!”

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Being a young professional now, Michelle understands how difficult it is to dream and be financially challenged. That’s why she faithfully gives to the CBN Asia as she was touched when they featured a young girl who faces a similar situation that she had.

TSCA Michelle Pastrana 4.

“The 700 Club Asia helped me to know and have a relationship with God, so I’m giving it back through giving,” Michelle ended.

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How about you, have you struggled before but have been blessed by God?

It would be a lot easier to give knowing that the Lord has blessed you, not just with earthly treasures but with his love and mercy – as said in Matthew 10:8, “Freely you have received; freely give.”

You can pay it forward by reaching out to others! Partner with the CBN Asia and be a blessing to those who are in great need.

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