Media Influencers Welcomed Superbook!

QUEZON CITY – Thrilled by Gizmo’s comeback, media influencers such as bloggers, video bloggers, and media writers gathered to throw him a warm welcome during the 1st Superbook Media Conference, last July 10 in Sikat, Inc..

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Superbook Reimagined will be back on ABS-CBN every Sunday, starting July 14, at 9:15 am!

The media influencers were encouraged to partner with Superbook in bringing good values to the next generation.

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“In this media-savvy generation where kids have access to so many content in different online platforms, we want families to feel safe and know that Superbook is a trusted friend. A positive influence to kids,” expressed Icko Gonzalez, Superbook Project Head.

Being an avid watcher of Superbook during her youth, mommy blogger Gwen Llana-Serrano encouraged everyone to spend their Sunday mornings with Gizmo and team.

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“When I found out that my favorite Bible animation is back, I really got excited. This time, Superbook watching will surely be more fun with my daughter Tash. Letting our children watch Superbook is a fun way to help instill Christian values in them at a young age. So starting this July 14, let’s spend our Sunday morning with the whole family by watching Superbook,” said Gwen.

You can also relive your Superbook memories and reimagine true stories with your loved ones this Sunday, 9:15 am on ABS-CBN!

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  • I want to see Gizmo in person I hope i can go to see Gizmo personally with my brother and sister

    • Praying for you. Nothing is too difficult with Him, Joshua. For updates please visit our Facebook page at We would also like to thank you for watching our program. We encourage you to watch our new episode of Superbook Season 4 every Sunday, 9:15 am on ABS CBN. You may also want to visit and be a Batang Superbook. Aside from fun and games, you will also discover the different adventures of Chris, Joy and Gizmo. They will be bringing you different stories of the bible so your knowledge about God will increase. God bless you!

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