How can you Forgive when it Hurts so Bad?

Llyle Caguimbal asked this same question.

When she was a teenager, Llyle saw her father as an ill-tempered, unapproachable, and distant person. The wall between their relationship only got higher when she discovered that her father had a child with another woman.

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Seeing how their mother suffered, she felt extreme hatred against her father.

“It was painful. I was so hurt because it was unexpected. I never thought an ideal dad would do such thing, to have another family. I can’t help but hate him,” Llyle expressed.

After her father’s business struggled, Llyle noticed how often her father would watch The 700 Club Asia. She observed how he prays through the help of the CBN Asia’s Prayer Center.

“They [Prayer Center] can explain how the Lord has forgiven us, and how we can forgive as well. God used them to touch my father’s heart,” Llyle recalled.

Months after, her father experienced mild stroke. This trial allowed forgiveness to triumph in their family, and later on be part of a Christian church.

God demolished the walls that was built among them and released their hearts that were once imprisoned by hate. Their household wholeheartedly served the Lord.

“When I forgave, I felt intense relief in my heart. We also saw how my dad’s life changed when he met the Lord and when he became active in the church,” she said.

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Her father battled cancer in 2014 and died months after – but the Lord’s miracle in his life continues to live.

“Thank you, Lord, for you are always there. Thank you, Prayer Center and The 700 Club. If not for you, we would not have met the Lord,” Llyle ended.

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How can you forgive when it hurts so bad? God can help you with that. Lay down all your anger and resentment at His feet and accept the comfort and healing He freely gives.

God is in the business of turning bad things into good.

With that, you can hold on to the fact that he has given you the ability to conquer evil with good, unforgiveness with forgiveness, and hatred with love, as said in Romans 12:21:

“Do not let evil defeat you; instead, conquer evil with good.”          

Are you struggling to forgive someone who hurt you? The CBN Asia Prayer Center is here to pray for you. Call 737-0-700 or send your prayer requests through Facebook.

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