Superbook flew with Gizmo to Guam for the first time!

Superb escapades, from reel to real.

Warm smiles welcomed Gizmo and the Superbook team as they meet and greet the kids face-to-face during the Superbook Superstar at Life in the Son Christian Fellowship in Tamuning, Guam, last June 1.

Superbook Guam Gizmo 1

With hopes of bringing a thrilling adventure to their kid’s church who are avid viewers of Superbook, Life in the Son Christian Fellowship partnered with the CBN Asia Superbook team in giving the youngsters a special treat.

Superbook Guam Gizmo 2

It was a jam-packed afternoon as Gizmo and the team brought exciting activities and interactive games for everyone. Together with the kids, they revisited the story of David and how he conquered Goliath in A Giant Adventure.

Superbook Guam Gizmo 3

Moreover, they played the Certified Batang Superbook Game to test their knowledge of the story, their familiarity to different animal sounds in The Lost Sheep, and their knack in singing the Salvation Poem by filling out the blanks.

Superbook Guam Gizmo 4

Adventures didn’t stop. Smiles and giggles filled the air as their favorite Superbook character Gizmo, joined them in singing and dancing their hearts out along the Salvation Poem. Hearts moved, they prayed and accepted and declared Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

Superbook Guam Gizmo 5

“Meeting Gizmo and the Superbook team was very amazing and it was nice to get to know the people who make the amazing show Superbook. And it was also nice to meet Gizmo who was always so fun, and silly, and lovable, and a great friend! It was very nice to spend time with my old friends and be able to meet other friends,” shared Emma.

Superbook Guam Gizmo 6

After this awesome experience with Gizmo, the people in Marianas are hoping that the Superbook team would visit all the other islands in Marianas and Micronesia, that more kids and kids at heart would bond with Gizmo and would also experience the love of Jesus.

Superbook Guam Gizmo 7

“This is so wonderful! My nieces and nephew loved it so much! May God continue to bless your ministries that touch and change so many lives,” said Anita Sanchez, who attended the event with the kids in their family.

Superbook Guam Gizmo 8

Do you also want Gizmo to visit and spread good vibes to your community? Bring God’s message of love and hope by staging Superbook events in your churches, communities, barangays. Invite the Superbook team today! You can also call 663-4700.

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