Living Well – The 700 Club Asia Live in Pampanga

Witnessing God’s miracles, up close and personal.

CBN Asia’s faithful partners once again gathered as its flagship program – The 700 Club Asia (TSCA), brought stories of God’s faithfulness closer to the viewers, at Best Western Hotel, in San Fernando, Pampanga on May 18.

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Together with hosts Mari Kaimo and Joyce Anne Titular, TSCA went live by featuring the various efforts of CBN Asia’s family of ministries. The audience were deeply moved by the stories of transformed lives.

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Pastor Jonaver Luklukan, whose redemptive story was made into a Tanikala Holy Week special, ushered the partners in worship and prayer. He also performed the song Kailan Ba Nagkulang Ang Panginoon which was used in Kublihan – one of this year’s Holy Week presentations.

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Aside from the usual programming, Lee Community College Singapore Founder Dr. Fred Toke, PsyD., shared a fun-filled talk about Emotional Quotient (EQ), and the ways that would help people to live well.

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“In order to transform people, first, you need to be a transformer. When you become the transformer, then the people around you will be transformed. It starts with you. Finally, EQ is all about number 1, interactions, and number 2, [self] awareness. So we need to ask ourselves, “How am I, and Why am I?””, said Dr. Toke.

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Aside from learning the importance of changing a nasty experience into a learning experience, Dr. Toke also emphasized the value of being in God’s presence, “Go into the presence of God. Be in His presence because in His presence, there is fullness of glory.”

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Moreover, the partners actively participated in the discussion by throwing some questions to the guest speaker about careers, relationships and many more. Some of them also speak their hearts out as to why they continue to partner with CBN Asia.

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“It’s really fulfilling because when you give, you won’t lose. It comes back to us double. I feel this joy whenever we impart to the work CBN Asia does, and we’re grateful for that. Before, I really had nothing but now, blessings continue to flow,” expressed Jomar David.

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When asked why he chose to bless CBN Asia, here’s what he has to say, “I trust CBN Asia. It is a well-founded organization, you can be sure that your money goes where it’s supposed to go, especially when they spread the Word of God.”

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