“I was bullied because of my foot.” 19-year-old Jess Melaur Dreamed of Surviving Life

Jess Melaur Clubfoot OB 1

Born with a clubfoot, Jess’ medical condition puts his life journey into halt.

With his left foot twisted inward and downward, he was bullied by other youth of his age in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental.

The constant mocks he received scarred his self-esteem, and eventually caused him to stop schooling.

“They would make fun of me because of my crooked foot. I would always cry whenever they do that,” Jess lamented.

Jess Melaur Clubfoot OB 2

His condition also made it difficult for him to move around and help his mother, Susan, with the house chores.

Hurt by the insults other people hurl at his son, his mother desired nothing but for Jess to be treated.

But being a single parent who earns 200 pesos a day by washing their neighbors’ clothes, Jess’ mother has no means of supporting his medication.

“It pains me when people bully him, because they’re making fun of my son. That’s why I want him to undergo a medical operation, even if it’s too far from our home. I do all the chores because I feel pity when I see him stumble,” Susan shared.

Jess Melaur Clubfoot OB 3

“I feel for my mother, she does everything all by herself. She does all the work in our family. I can only hope and pray for my feet to be treated so I can help my mom,” Jess expressed.

His prayers were heard loud and clear.

Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines (OB) learned about his condition and sent him from Misamis to Davao City to give him a free surgery. Partnering with the Tebow Cure Hospital, Jess’ clubfoot was successfully corrected.

Jess Melaur Clubfoot OB 4

Slowly yet steadily, Jess walked his way to recovery. For the first time in his life, he can now normally walk, run the race, go places, and conquer the sojourn in store for him.

“I am happy that my surgery became possible through Operation Blessing. Thank you very much, Operation Blessing! God indeed used you to help me!” Jess ended.

Jess Melaur Clubfoot OB 5

More young people like Jess are in need of your help. Do you want to bless them?

You may visit Operation Blessing’s website to know how you can partner with us as we extend aid to those who are in need.

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