Here’s How your Compassionate Giving Watered Barren Lives with Hope

Dark, dirty, and unsafe.

Sorsogon Wells 1

This is how the people of barangay Otavi in Sorsogon describe the water that they get from a small, muddy river, and then use it in their household.

As their only source of water, the residents endure the 2-kilometer walk every day just to fetch for their need.

Sorsogon Wells 2

The family of Mercy Sanoni, one of its residents, was not spared from it.

“It’s very, very hard. Whenever we need water and there is a typhoon, it’s hard to cross the path to that stream because it overflows. When we badly need water, we really risk crossing it, just to get water,” Mercy shared.

They would bathe in it, drink it. Whenever they fail to buy clean drinking water from the ration, her family would drink the unfiltered water directly, or boil it for the kids.

Sorsogon Wells 4

But no matter how many times they try to purify the dark yellowish liquid, their effors seem futile.

Clearly, the lack of clean, potable drinking water imposed great danger not just to Mercy’s family, but to the whole community.

Sorsogon Wells 5

Their thirst for safe water was quenched when Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines (OB), the humanitarian arm of CBN Asia – built a well in their barangay. In just few steps, their much-needed water is now at hand.

Sorsogon Wells 6

“It’s a big help! Now, we can do our household chores without delay. We don’t have to boil the water, it’s clean and safe. Thank you very much to Operation Blessing, that’s given to us by God,” Mercy expressed.

Sorsogon Wells 7

Are you being called to help more Mercy? Believe what Proverbs 11:25 says, “Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.”

Sorsogon Wells 8

Your compassionate act of giving to those who are in need creates ripples of hope. It waters the drought in others and it showers love. And truly, a life of generosity and compassion is a life that delights in the Lord. Claim that you can water others, because God has already watered you – with His love and faithfulness.

May you always overflow.

Are you excited to bless others and be blessed? You may visit the Operation Blessing Facebook page to know how you can partner with us.

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