Can Somebody in Deep Need still Master the Art of Giving Back?

Carol underwent surgery for her intestines in the year 2000. On her road to recovery, she chanced upon The 700 Club Asia, and called its Prayer Center.

Needing post-operative medicines to hasten her healing, she received assistance from the Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines – CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm.


The 700 Club helped me, offered assistance for my medicines,” Carol recalled.

Moved by the altruism she experienced and by God’s total healing, Carol desired to pay it forward by answering His call of being a missionary.

She studied at the Asian Center for Missions, passionately shared the gospel to the nations and reached out to the orphans to feel God’s goodness, like how she did.

Carol Hembra ACM 2

“I have this heart for missions, for the children, specially to orphans. I grew up without parents, that’s why I realized that it’s hard to work and study alone, and support yourself,” she narrated.

Driven by God’s seed that was planted in her, Carol also sowed seeds of faith to other people in Laos, Vietnam, Africa, and China.

The last country she visited blessed her with 1,000 US Dollars, which she used for a business startup.

Carol Hembra ACM 3

However, Carol had difficulty selling her products. That moment, she remembered God’s promise in Matthew 6:33, “Seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.

Do you also encounter difficulties in your life right now? Like Carol, you can cling to God’s promise and let Him comfort you, through thick and thin.

Once again, she decided to give back to vulnerable orphans through the CBN Asia, “Whenever I see the children being featured in the Operation Blessing, I feel hurt because I recall my life before. That’s why I decided to give to The 700 Club Asia.”

Carol Hembra ACM 4

Astonishingly, all her products were sold just a few weeks later, allowing her to buy 2 condominiums and a car, and to earn Php 20,000 a day.

“Sold out! I am so amazed! God blessed me with not just double, but triple! For Php50,000, He blessed me back with 5 Million. I realized that Lord, You are so faithful!” Carol exclaimed.

Carol Hembra ACM 5

Carol understands that the goodness she received from the Lord shall be given back to others. Believing that God is the one who reciprocates generosity, Carol has mastered the art of giving back, “God never fails to amaze. When you help, He will bless you with plenty, abundantly!”

Have you been blessed by the Lord and desire to give back? Know how you can bless the nations by visiting the Operation Blessing and the Asian Center for Missions.

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