Trapped in the Dark – Is it still possible to find Light?

The lights were out.

Gathered around the dining table, Raychelle and her family can’t help but wonder where they would get their next meal. Their hearts were clouded by despair and fear, knowing that their father is spending his days inside the jail.

Are you struggling beneath distress, just like Raychelle? If you feel hopeless like her, how can you find the restoration you long for?

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Raychelle’s family experienced extreme emotional and financial crisis when her father was sent to jail due to his involvement with illegal drugs.

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Losing their sole provider made it even harder for them to survive each passing day. Electric and water bills remained unpaid, their debts grew, and their house was pawned.

All her hopes almost died down.

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As her lights flickered, rays of hope came pouring in when she watched The 700 Club Asia. With tears streaming down her face, Raychelle joined the hosts in prayer, and laid down all her worries to the One true God.

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“I was crying to God. I was praying that He would help my father out of jail and would give him a 2nd chance. I prayed that He would unite our family again,” Raychelle lamented.

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It’s as if God spoke “Let there be light” to their dimmed future. Raychelle reached out to the CBN Asia Prayer Center and felt immense comfort that there are people willing to listen and guide her in prayer, “I’m so glad that there are people who pray for me. Our family didn’t give up because we know, God is helping us.”

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After weeks of praying and faithfully waiting on the Lord, Raychelle’s family is in awe of the good news they heard. Her father was acquitted from the crime after confessing his offense, and now lives a changed life with his new, decent job.

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You don’t have to face your battles alone.

Raychelle’s journey showed that Christ is the one who unshackles people from hopelessness. He promised to illuminate even the darkest path and take you out from the muddiest pit you’re in: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

The lights are on. And this time, their home lights up with hope.

Watch her testimony and more stories of changed lives here. If you feel like you’re drowning in problems, the CBN Asia Prayer Center is here for you. Call 737-0-700 or message us on The 700 Club Facebook page.


  • Krishzel

    We have same struggle in life my husband involve with illegal drugs for almost 2yrs until now and I pray to god to forgive him another chance to live with us. Happy for raychell because god’s answered her prayer ? and I hope someday my prayers will god answer it. Godbless to your family

    • Hi Krishzel, thank you for reaching out to us. We want to encourage you that we are here for you and will be praying for you. Do not lose hope, don’t give up and have faith in God because He is faithful. Find rest for your soul in knowing that He is good, and He has good things in store for your future! We speak forth healing, deliverance upon your husband. In the mighty name of Jesus. amen! If you need more prayer call us anytime at 737-0700 or email us at God bless!

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