Gizmo visits the Dumagat Tribe

The journey was long and the roads were rough, but nothing stopped Gizmo and the Superbook team from braving the challenging roads of Rodriguez, Rizal just to see the warm smiles of the kids of the Dumagat tribe.

Gizmo visits Dumagat 04
The Dumagat tribe originated from Northern Luzon and has the same ancestry with the Aetas. Now, they are scattered across the highlands of Quezon, Bulacan, Rizal and Laguna. Living in the mountains, the Dumagats have very limited access to electricity and cellphone signals. The roads leading to their houses were also steep and rocky which makes travel difficult.

Gizmo visits Dumagat 05

But then, nothing is too hard for God! With the help of Tribu ni Bro, an organization that aims to share the good news of Jesus to all the tribes of the Philippines, Superbook reached the Dumagats.

Superbook Mini, a probram filled with Bible games and activities was held in Barangay Puray.

In one of the games called “Certified Batang Superbook,” kids were challenged to answer Bible trivia questions. As soon as the first question popped, the kids excitedly raised their hands and shared their answers, and their energy rose when they watched the gripping battle of David and Goliath from the Superbook episode, “A Giant Adventure.”

Gizmo visits Dumagat 02
After watching “A Giant Adventure,” the Dumagat kids learned that God is powerful and that He is with them. And because of that, they can conquer fear and win life’s battles.

Gizmo visits Dumagat 03
On the same day, the children received Jesus in their hearts. They passionately sang and danced along “The Salvation Poem” with their favorite robot friend, Gizmo!

Gizmo visits Dumagat 01

Just like David, kids can become conquerors through Jesus. Share this beautiful truth to Filipino children from different tribes. Contact Diane Aguilar at 0998 841 9192 to find out how you can bring Superbook to your church or community.

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