3 Things You Must Do Before Casting Your Vote – Beyond Small Talk 

We see abundant campaign ads on public spaces and media outletnow that election day is drawing near. Candidates all over the country are putting their best foot forward to prove to Filipinos that they deserve a seat.  

While their attributed charisma and campaign jingles look convincingthese political publicity stunts should not be the sole indicator of your voting decision.   

Your vote matters. So, here are 3 things you must do before casting that crucial vote this May 13, 2019 as advised by Beyond Small Talk hosts Peter Kairuz, Jericho Arceo, and Paul Herrera.

1. Research the candidate’s background.  

There’s more to campaign materials than meets the eye. Of course, candidates will not show you their weaknesses and wrongdoingsIt’s your responsibility to do your research. Look at their political records, leadership skills, and stand on certain issues. Among other things, these will help you weigh whether he/she is a qualified candidate.   

2. Assess candidate’s character.  

You wouldn’t want to vote for a leader who is just eloquent in speech. Instead, look for a leader who has integrity, commitment, faithfulness – one who stays true to his/her promises, and always available in times of need A leader who serves and sacrifices for the good of his/her people just like how it was demonstrated by Jesus, the greatest leader of all time, is worth our vote 

3. Pray before you vote.  

Above all else, seek for God’s wisdom and discernment. Make a decision to fervently pray for the right candidates for the position because your vote determines the trajectory of this country.

In 2 Chronicles 7:14 ESV, it says, “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 

Follow this prayer with us: 

“Lord, we come humbly before Your throne today. We acknowledge Your sovereignty and power over our beloved nation, the Philippines. We know that when we pray, You hear usSo with confidence, we ask for a safe and peaceful election process. We ask for divine encounters for our government and future leadersand wisdom to every Filipino voter. May You hold everything in the palm of Your handsWe ask all these in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen!” 

Let us know what you think about these tips. Don’t hesitate to join our online discussion and catch the next webisode of Beyond Small Talk this May 11, 2019, 7pm at The 700 Club Asia Facebook page and YouTube Channel. We are going to share tips on how we can lead like Jesus. Mark your calendars! 

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