Where do you find the Right answers in this era of Fake News? – BreakThrough the Lens!

In this world blinded by fake news, can you break through the lens that blinds us of the truth?

If you’re one of the Filipino millennials who seek answers about different concerns in life, the search is over! BreakThrough the Lens is here to help you.

BreakThrough the Lens Press Release

BreakThrough the Lens is an online show of #iCanBreakThrough, a campaign initiated by CBN Asia that aspires to reach out to Filipino millennials like you who may be struggling, hurting, seeking a community where you can belong to, or to you who just want to have fun.

Roaming to places while armed with a camera, host Rhox Villasin connects you to experts who could give reliable answers to your mind-boggling questions. Doctors, psychologists, businessmen, pastors, and other experts will give insights on the concerns that you as a millennial commonly face.

“It’s really an awesome privilege to be part of something that helps other millennials like me get an access to reliable sources that is very essential nowadays. To be ‘physically’ there and to hear what experts have to say about the topics being discussed is very enlightening. I hope our Breakers will get the same experience whenever they watch the show,” shares Rhox.

iCanBreakThrough strives to help you make wiser decisions, get a better perspective about important topics, and inform you about the different social issues nowadays.

“We want to give light to issues and concerns that Filipino millennials have and let them know that they can count on a community that can give them insights about their concerns in life,” said #iCanBreakThrough Campaign Lead and CBN Asia Web Producer Aby Sebastian.

Are you ready to breakthrough the lens? Join us every month as we discover the truth by subscribing to the iCanBreakThrough YouTube Channel and following the iCanBreakThrough Facebook and Instagram accounts!

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