Superbook SuperStar Live in Batangas City!

Do you know that Superbook has a live, interactive theatrical show?

Yes, they do, and it is called SuperStar Live!

SuperStar Live in Batangas 01

Gizmo and his dynamic group called the SuperCrew brought fun, singing and dancing, while they shared the good news of Jesus through the SuperStar Live last March 23 with the little Batangueños and Batangueñas of Batangas City.

The SuperCrew for the day consists of Josh, KC, Lala, and MJ, who must accomplish challenging tasks with the kids. One of the tasks is to help SuperCrew Josh overcome his fear of performing on stage!

SuperStar Live in Batangas 02

Dancing and singing The Salvation Poem is the highlight of the show, where the kids stood up from their seats and joined the hosts on stage for an energetic performance.

One of the kids among the happy crowd is 14-year-old Jhon David, who was an avid viewer of Superbook since he was 10 years old and continues to watch the show.

“I learn a lot of lessons when I watch Superbook. It’s super fun,” he said in vernacular. He also shared that his favorite Superbook character is Joy because she is helpful.

SuperStar Live in Batangas 03

When asked about the relevance of Superbook in today’s generation, one of the hosts, Lala (who is also a proud Batang Superbook) shared, “even just one episode of Superbook can make a difference in someone’s life.” She said that kids and even parents have needs that only Jesus can meet, and that Superbook is a great tool for them to know Jesus Christ.

Let the children in your community know about God’s love through Superbook! You can invite Gizmo and the SuperCrew to visit your city. Call us at 0998-841-9192 and look for Ms. Diane Aguilar.

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