Kristoffer Martin Scrubs Toilets as a “Buyonero”

Award-winning actor Kristoffer Martin is in a “dirty, big mess” this Holy Week.

Buyonero 01
And if you’re like him, wondering if breaking free from the mess you have become is still possible, then take it from CBN Asia and lead actor Kristoffer as they bring you a story of revival in the Holy Week special, Tanikala presents “Buyonero,” which airs at GMA on April 18, Maundy Thursday.

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Kristoffer, who starred in the hit TV series, Victor Magtanggol and Dragon Lady, takes on a new role as he plays Nestor Quilat, a juvenile delinquent who grew up in the streets and was in and out of jail. Inside the prison, he became a buyonero, the inmate who cleans prison cell’s comfort rooms and disposes of the prisoners’ excrement.

Buyonero 02
The actor admits that the role shocked and moved him deeply, knowing that this kind of reality happens to a person when he is put behind bars.

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“At first, I didn’t know what a buyonero is. I just read the script and [was surprised that] oh, it happens in real life? In my own perspective, hindi ko kaya ‘yon! (I can’t do that!) [being a buyonero].”

Buyonero 05
Kristoffer also expressed that among his portrayals, Nestor’s story challenged him the most. Nestor witnessed the tragic death of his parents at such a young age, which forced him to take care of himself without any help from known family. Even when he has forgotten details of his life, one bitter past still haunts him.

Buyonero 10
“Of all the side roles I played, this one is the hardest. I already felt it just by reading the script. I can sincerely feel it and it’s painful to realize that it is a true-to-life story,” he recalled.

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Lastly, Kristoffer shares personal reflections on the importance of holding on to one’s faith despite the struggles we endure and the baggage of our past.

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“This Tanikala episode is really an eye opener for me. The closest I can relate to Nestor’s life is that we both came to a point of our lives when we felt abandoned. But the core message is about your faith. No matter how grave your situation is, His response is different. He gives more than what you expect.”

Don’t miss Kristoffer Martin’s portrayal in Tanikala presents “Buyonero” on April 18, Maundy Thursday, 5:30pm at GMA, directed by Derrek Adapon.

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