3 Ways to Overcome Cyberbullies

Have you tried posting a photo online only to get hate comments?  Or has someone spread rumors about you online that made you a laughingstock?

3 Ways to Overcome Cyberbullies

In her article titled What are the Effects of Cyberbullying?, Sherri Gordon said that online bullying, also known as cyberbullying, is a serious issue that anyone can experience. It threatens and harasses a person and leaves physical and mental harm to the victim.

According to Dr. Byoung-chul Min – founder and chairman of the Sunfull Internet Peace Movement, a non-profit international campaign that fights against cyberbullying. Just follow these 3 ways:

Step 1: PRESERVE evidence of bullying

Make sure to download or capture the entire image of the bullying comments or message conversation with the sender’s online ID. In that way, you can track down the bully in case it escalates to the higher authority.

Step 2: PREVENT further damage

Do not contact the bully directly. Block the bully immediately and report the abuse to the service provider such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Also make sure to secure your personal information by changing your privacy settings.

Step 3: ASK a trusted adult or professional for help

It is important to talk about your cyberbullying experience with a trusted adult or a professional who can give you advise on how to get help. You can also report cyberbullying to the Philippine National Police (PNP) Anti-Cybercrime Group (724-0401 / 726-1575).

Dr. Min understands the seriousness and the consequences of cyberbullying and believes that it can be addressed through the power of positivity.

Since 2007, the Sunfull Internet Peace Movement has been working on a global campaign encouraging netizens to post positive and cheerful comments on the Internet.

Furthermore, they aim to increase people’s awareness of what harmful and slanderous comments can bring to victims of cyberbullying and eventually attain a more peaceful and friendlier Internet world.

Both Sunfull Ambassador Senator Manny Pacquiao and the Philippine Ambassador to Korea, Raul Hernandez, support these goals of the campaign.

Cyberbullying may be rampant, but you can overcome it.

If you’ve ever been cyber-bullied, we want to pray for you. Just reach us anytime at 737-0-700, if you are in Metro Manila. If you are outside Metro Manila or the Philippines, you can contact us through the CBN Asia Prayer Center.


  • Catherine lanuza

    Please help me with the cryber bullying

    • Hi Catherine, It’s our pleasure to help you and thank you for trusting us. We want to encourage you with the word of God in Isaiah 41:13 “For I am the LORD your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” We want to pray for you. Just reach us anytime at 737-0-700, if you are in Metro Manila. If you are outside Metro Manila or the Philippines please contact us through our Viber account at 09498888001. God bless you.

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