Coping from the Trauma of the Wicked Monsoon

29-year-old Manilyn Canete, with her 1-year-old and 4-month-old children, is one of the survivors who were able to reach the evacuation center after the water from the overflowing river suddenly raged through her home due to the monsoon.

OB DR 06

Her husband was at work, as a garbage collector, while she and their children were at home when the catastrophe happened.

OB DR Maly 03

Thinking that it was just normal heavy rains, she did not bother to pack clothes or any stuff with her until the water levels went high so fast and all they got to do was run for their lives and reach Maly Elementary School, the nearest evacuation center.

OB DR Maly 02

CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, Operation Blessing (OB) Disaster Response (DR) Team extended relief on August 15, 2018 to the families who evacuated in Maly Elementary School after the raging flash floods due to monsoon wrecked their homes.

OB DR San Mateo 23

Aside from distributing relief packs that contain 6 kg rice grains, 6 canned goods, 6 packs instant noodles, 1 pack coffee, 1 pack powdered milk, and ¼ kg sugar, OB also provided Bibles and crisis counseling through its church partners.


“I am thankful for the counseling, I was feeling bitter with what happened to me and my children. I couldn’t save anything. But now, I feel better. The counseling helped me,” Manilyn said.

Your partnership with Operation Blessing makes these response to disasters possible.

Reach out to our kababayans who were affected by these disasters by partnering with us. One relief package would be provided to an affected family through your gift of P500.

Call (+632) 477-7802 to 08 or visit Operation Blessing Philippines Facebook page and Disaster Response Giving Catalog page for more information.

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