In Times of Disaster, Would you not Want to be Rescued and Cared For?

Licab Nueva Ecija - Mercy House

Flood waters surrounded Mercy’s house. And in every passing second, its depth increases.

“The rice fields are all submerged,” Mercy Arcega, 57 described, in vernacular, how the situation in their area looked like during the outpouring of the typhoon.

As much as they wanted to go out and seek refuge somewhere else, they couldn’t.

“The waves are as big as that in the sea. Our boat may flip over so we stayed inside instead of heading to the town,” Mercy narrated.

Her husband piled up chairs so that she, her daughter, and 2 granddaughters would have a dry area to stay in while waiting for the weather to calm down.

They survived through the food remaining inside their house, but it wouldn’t be long until the supplies would run out.

Eventually, they would have to leave.

Or someone would have to reach out to them.

Thankfully, provision did come.

OB DR Licab Nueva Ecija 01

In boats, the Operation Blessing Disaster Response Team came and  delivered relief packs, Bibles, and conducted counseling in Mercy’s community.

“I am thankful to Operation Blessing for giving us our daily needs at this time. This is a big help. The nurse from your team also attended to my sick granddaughter,” Mercy said.

OB DR Licab Nueva Ecija 12

She also expressed her joy for having another invaluable help that she received from the team.

“For the first time, I experienced that someone actually prayed for me,” Mercy said. “It feels so good to know that somebody remembered us here. I am happy.”

OB DR Licab Nueva Ecija 13 mercy

In times of distress, would you not want to be rescued and cared for?

Like Mercy, a lot of our kababayans experience these challenges during calamities. Let us make them feel that they are not alone.

Help us to be #OneStepAhead. Partner with us in making our disaster response operations possible.

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