Helping Hands Come When Faith and Food are Needed Most

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During the catastrophic habagat rains caused by the recent typhoons, Delia and Manding Cura anticipated the flood to rise, but they didn’t imagine that it would, at mid-noon.

As 62-year old Delia stayed inside the house, her husband and others helped in packing solid earth fill inside sacks piling it to keep the flood-waters away from their area.

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They just did their best to prevent water from rising, but nature prevailed and the water from the broken river dike rose to create flood in their area up to their thighs.

“We decided to stay inside our house because we could no longer go to the evacuation center. I was with my husband and one of my grandchildren when this happened. Then my children are also just living beside our house and they also decided not to go to the evacuation center,” Delia narrated in Filipino.

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Delia’s husband, Manding supports her through their income from farming but since he could no longer provide for their needs, they just rely on whatever would be available to them.

Helping hands come in times of need because Operation Blessing arrived in a time where faith and food were mostly needed. The Disaster Response team gave Bibles, relief goods and counseling to the community where Delia resides.

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“What makes us cry is the scarcity of food, so we would go outside our house if needed even if the flood is high up to the thigh, especially in times like this when relief goods are being distributed, the relief goods from Operation Blessing is a big help to all of us. It helped us survive, we are very thankful to God,” Delia said.

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Help Delia and the families in their community as they deal with the aftermath of the disaster.

Take #OneStepAhead and be the change in our Disaster Response action.

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