Feeling Sick Again? You Might Just Need to Get Good Sleep

Have you been feeling sick lately?

You eat right, exercise regularly, and do other remedies to fight it but you still sense that something is wrong with your body.

Guess what?


You might just need a good and proper time to recover through a sustaining body rest.

The battle to rest and sleep sound is hard especially when you are busy with working. And when you do need to skip that bed rest, you will face its adverse effects on your body’s defenses.

Sleep well

In their study article titled Consequences of Insufficient Sleep, Harvard Medical School shares that for a short period, sleep deprivation can affect your mood, learning ability, and may increase the risk of having grave illnesses and accidents. Lack of sleep may lead to worse conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular illness and other health problems in the long term.

Online health adviser, Men’s Journal, shared that a good sleep increases your pain threshold, boosts your mood, and bolsters your relationship with others through their post, Top 11 Health Benefits of Sleep.

Sleep well

This health website also stated that to fight off diseases, the initial battle is from within. It is because your body is still actively doing important things while you’re asleep.

In addition, NBC News said that by not getting enough bed rest you can literally get sick in their post What Happens in Your Body and Brain While You Sleep..

So the remedy to feeling sickly so often could just be – to get enough sleep.

Know more about the positive results of getting better sleep.

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