“Who is this Stupid God?” – Peter Kairuz on President Duterte’s Tirade | #TSCAReacts

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte blurted out a question that grabbed the attention of many.

“Who is this stupid God?”  followed by unfiltered comments about the Creation and the need to remember Jesus’ death on the cross.

What was your reaction when you heard the news and read the articles about it?

Watch as Peter Kairuz speaks about what the Bible has to say in response to the President’s remarks.

Summarized in 5 points are the nuggets of truth about the origin of man, the purpose of God, His great love for humanity, and free will.


  • May Anne Legaspi

    I am Catholic but I respect other religions. Because I love God. Mahal din nila si God, kaya dapat magmahalan tayong lahat. Tulafpd na lang ng Pagmamahal ni Jesus Christ sa atin, sinakripisyo nya ang buhay nya para sa aging lahat na makasalanan. Kaya bilang anak ng Diyos magmahalan dapat ang mga tao.

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