Everything in One: My Wonder Mom


Mom you are like the sun

Radiant with its light

The warmth of your love caresses me

Throughout the day and night

Your gentle voice brings me comfort

Your hand secures me tight

And when I’m sick I never fear

Feel safe for you are nigh

My Wonder Mom, yes you are

For you’re strong and yet so kind

You always have a way with things

You are cleverly divine

      When I’m in school because of you I have good food to share

And at home the meals you make are always filled with care

I can run to you any time, only you can hush my cries

And Mom I just love your hug as I listen to your advice

You are always there to lift me up in times I’m full of why’s

And you also know all the answers, are you like a secret spy?

You’re the villain in my genius plans thus, we are usually in disagreement

Then at the end of the day I find myself saying, “she’s right again, how inconvenient!”

When I did something wrong, you never tolerate me

And as a kid, this for me just cannot be

As I grew older I begin to understand why

You are only protecting me making sure someday I can fly

I’m sorry Mom for there are times I know I’ve caused you so much pain

Brought tears and sadness in your eyes never will I hurt you again

In spite of this you have shown me still a love that forever binds

You are and will always be remarkably one of a kind.

I don’t know how you do it, to be everything in one

You are capable of almost anything, God’s brilliant with His design.

I know that I’m eternally blessed to have you in my life

I love you Mom, you are the best, and I’m honored to call you mine.


A mother’s love is selfless and pure, just like the love of God for us. If you’re longing to feel and understand this kind of love, call us at 730-0-700 and let’s talk about it if you are within Metro Manila or you can visit the CBN Asia Prayer Center if you are outside the area.

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