Israel Defense Forces | To Life – How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World

“We brought the best equipment that we can, the best people that we can and we try to do it as fast as possible. We know that every minute counts to save a life,” Gili Shenhar, IDF Liaison Officer for the UN said.

Even when disaster calls forth across the globe, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will go beyond their country’s borders to give the best assistance they could offer to the other nations.

Their disaster operations in Nepal, Haiti, and the Philippines gave a glimpse of how these Israeli volunteers are making a difference through the excellent service they do.

Watch Israel Defense Forces in action on CBN Asia’s latest documentary series, “To Life: How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World.”



Know more about this and other Israeli volunteer organizations. For videos and further details, visit To Life the Movie website and CBN Online YouTube channel.

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