IsraAID | To Life – How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing The World

It was meant to be a peaceful protest, but it turned into a full scale civil war killing millions of the Syrians.

Desperate to escape the terror and chaos in their land, thousands of Syrian refugees took the risk and bravely crossed the sea to find a place where they will feel safe and secure.

Arriving by the shores of Lesbos in Greece, they realized that the people who will help them are the ones they least expected.

IsraAID, an Israeli organization of Israeli and Arab doctors and nurses who help people in a disaster situation, was waiting for them on the other side and provided medical assistance, food, water, and clothing to the Syrian refugees.



Watch how IsraAid volunteers shared their heart and experience during the mission as featured in CBN Asia’s latest documentary series, “To Life: How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World.”

Know more about this and other Israeli volunteer organizations. For videos and further details, visit To Life the Movie website and CBN Online YouTube channel.

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