“May Forever!” According to Award-Winning Actor Tirso Cruz III?

Walang forever!”

(“There is no such thing as forever in love!”)

This is how today’s generation expresses the bitterness and pain of abandonment.

But award-winning actor Tirso Cruz III or Tito Pip believes otherwise.

Tito Pip 1

Sabi nga nila, walang forever. Meron! May forever, (They say there is no forever in love. There is! There is forever in love)” he joyfully said while giving his definition of love.

For Tito Pip, love takes many forms. He also believes that love is exciting!

Wanda 3

“It fills you up to the point where it’s like you can’t breathe anymore! It’s just that at the end of it, hopefully, it becomes true and it is lasting and it is forever,” he expressed.

“I will run out of adjectives and words and after saying all of it, I would still feel I fall short after explaining the word love,” he added.

Tito Pip 2

Tirso Cruz III plays the role of Noel in CBN Asia’s Holy Week special Wanda’s Wonderful World, which will air this March 30, Good Friday, 11 p.m. at ABS-CBN.

When asked about why the viewers should watch Wanda’s Wonderful World, he enthusiastically answered, “It’s like a melting pot of different kinds of lives, different kinds of people and I bet you, those who will watch will be able to identify with one character or another.”

Wanda Poster

Wanda’s Wonderful World is ready to touch the lives of the audience by introducing characters with life lessons that will surely be remembered.

Veteran actors Coney Reyes and Ricky Davao will also star in this made for TV movie, written and directed by Icko Gonzalez, CBN Asia’s Special Projects Manager.

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