Finding the Right Love… At the Wrong Time?

Finding the Right Love at the Wrong Time
“I found a love for me, darling just dive right in and follow my lead. Well I found a girl, beautiful and sweet; I never knew you were that someone waiting for me…”

Weren’t the above lines from the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran so romantic? It’s because finding the right love at the right time is well – Perfect.

It may sound as simple as that but the quest of finding love, however, is not.


But then, there’s hope.

Once you realize that you are someone loved unconditionally (1John 4:19), it will be easier for you to receive love and give love in return. Because then you will understand that God is the expression of true love and once you have Him, you have everything.

So this brings us to the question – Is there really a right love at the wrong time?

When you are in love, you will do everything and anything, right?

Imagine the traffic lights. A red traffic light means stop and when somebody does not follow it, accidents happen. Being in love does not instantly mean happy ever after. Sometimes you have to stop and think. Weigh the pros and cons in the prospective relationship.

It’s a red light to force love when everything around you is saying no. The result can be very hurtful too. The more you’ve fallen, the higher would be your struggle to surrender. Greater would be your chances to disobey. It’s always better to wait for God to switch the light to green, where the road is safer and hassle free.

“The course of true love never did run smooth” (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare).

Sacrifices are often involved and heartaches are never out of the picture.

But then, that’s how you will know it’s real. When you’re ready to trust God in spite of facing the pain of letting go.

There’s no perfect formula in love or in a relationship. You only need to have a sincere heart willing to hope, wait and endure while believing that God makes everything beautiful in His time.

Curious to know how you can find the right love that will last forever and when is the right time? Call us at 730-0-700 and let’s talk about it. You may also send us a message through the CBN Asia Prayer Center.


  • koushinkan

    Thanks for the rec! I’ll look them up.

  • Love is patiently waited for me i want god to plan my future I surrender to my life to god.i know god only know wht is the best for me I trust in to him

    • Hi Rhea, Kapit lang sa Panginoon at panghawakan ang Kanyang mga pangako, di ka Nya bibiguin.Tawag ka rin sa 737-0700, anytime. Ang aming prayer center ay bukas 24/7. God bless you.

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