5 Things to Consider when Working with a Busy Schedule

Here are 5 tips demonstrated behind the scenes of the telemovie, Wanda’s Wonderful World, starring Coney Reyes, Tirso Cruz III, and Ricky Davao, airing on Good Friday, March 30, 11 pm at ABS-CBN.

1. Communicate well

Let your needs and expectations be known to each other instead of holding them in.

Wanda 01_A

Wanda’s Wonderful World director Icko Gonzalez communicates well with his actors before shooting a specific scene.

Wanda 01_B
2. Respect one another

People in your life have value. Let them know about it.

Wanda 01_B
Actress Coney Reyes and Director Icko discussed with Pastor Jamey tips to help her act naturally in the set.

Wanda 02_B
3. Be supportive
Build each other up and always give encouragement.

Wanda 03_A
In this photo, Coney Reyes is mentoring the talents as they throw lines and laugh together.

Wanda 03_B
4. Consider each other’s privacy

Healthy relationships require space.

Wanda 04_A
Pastora Jamey Santiago practices her lines alone before the next scene starts.

Wanda 04_B
5. Compromise

Resolve misunderstandings. Have a good compromise if needed.

Wanda 05
Wanda’s Wonderful World is CBN Asia’s newest Holy Week Special written and directed by CBN Asia’s Special Projects Manager Icko Gonzalez.

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