So You Think You’re In Love?

so you think youre in love

Yes! You finally found the ONE who will sweep you off your feet forever…  Or so you thought.

How sure are you that what you have right now is nothing but pure, true love?  How confident are you that the relationship you are in is for keeps?

Well, if you can’t answer a quick “100% sure!” to all these questions, then you might have to rethink and reassess yourself.

Now the big question is: How will you know if it’s true love?

The key lies on your basis. Below are some points on the differences among attraction, infatuation, and true love.

Take a look, and you might be surprised that the “love” you think you know isn’t what it really is.



Definition as per Merriam-Webster Online:  crush, personal charm, the action or power of drawing forth a response

Basis: Based on what you see. You easily get attracted to someone who has good looks, or to someone who has an admirable talent, personality, or trait.

Dangers:  What you see is not what you always get. Looks and traits can be deceiving.  If not handled carefully and properly, attraction may cause you to sin against God, just like what happened to King David. Can you believe he committed adultery, murder, and lying just because he got attracted to a beautiful woman? (2 Samuel 11:2-27)

It’s normal to be attracted, but don’t always rely in what you see.  Be self-controlled. Attraction may be one part in finding your true love, but it should not be the major deciding factor. Attraction alone is definitely not equivalent to true love.



Definition as per Your Dictionary:  puppy love, to inspire with a foolish or extravagant love or admiration

Basis:  Based on what you see and feel. It involves attraction plus physical and emotional attachment. It’s is based on selfish desires.

Dangers:  Infatuation that gets out of control always forces you to demand, rush, and take.  It makes you impatient, controlling, and impulsive, and you become a “fool for love”.

To be infatuated is normal. However, it’s not  true love. You need to take a grip of yourself when it comes to handling your feelings because they are fleeting, subjective, and unpredictable. So what happens when the feelings and attraction are all gone? Can you still say you “love” him/her?

This is why some couples don’t last very long. Their relationship is not built on love but on mere infatuation.  Don’t be fooled. Before entering a relationship, pray and ask God for wisdom. Remember, the heart is the most deceitful of all things and if you let your emotions rule, it’s almost a guarantee that you’re in for a heart-break.  (Jeremiah 17:9)

true love

True Love

Definition as per Merriam-Webster Online:  1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Basis:  Based on what you know, based on your knowledge of the truth — of who God is and of who your partner is. It’s based on a commitment and a decision that is founded on sacrificial giving and loving, despite the flaws and misgivings.  It’s not based on selfish desires and it’s not insecure.

True love is a lifetime of knowing the person you are in love with. It’s when you make a commitment to give your all, no matter what happens – even if the feelings fade.  It’s when you mirror God and His gracious love for you – always forgiving, always giving, always pursuing, and always staying.

Dangers:   None. When you finally know it’s true love and when your relationship is founded on Christ, you have nothing to fear.  You’re safe and secure in the Father’s love. (1 John 4:18)

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