Reviving the Lives of Typhoon Yolanda Survivors Continues – Operation Blessing

Community of Hope
It has been 5 years after typhoon Yolanda devastated Tacloban, and the Community of Hope (COH) – a project of Operation Blessing (OB) that was built to holistically serve and help the survivors of the typhoon, flourishes as it continues to support the survivors up to this time.

OB was able to construct permanent houses in COH along with other infrastructures.

Community of Hope (3) House
As a growing community and still with more houses yet to be built, families attended a COH Applicant Orientation last January 17.

Community of Hope (7) happy community
Born out of the disaster brought by typhoon Yolanda, COH now stands as a peaceful and happy community, with a thriving neighborhood with a stationary clinic that serves people regularly during weekdays.

Community of Hope (8) Day Care
COH also has a Day Care center with morning and afternoon classes attended by pupils.

Putting importance not just on the projects but also on the people, COH also holds weekly meetings where they provide inspirational talks to the people in the community.

Community of Hope (9) happy Community
Livelihood opportunities were also given. In January 26, the city livelihood represented by Dr. Eunice Alcantara, Ms. Irene Nanoz, and Mrs. Crisanta Gayas donated native chickens and held an orientation on raising livestock in the community.

This is just the beginning of the bright future that is waiting for the families at COH and there are still more to achieve.

COH truly played an important part in the lives of the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda.

It became their hope, their home.

Help Operation Blessing in keeping the community vigorous.

Inspire change in their lives by partnering with Operation Blessing now. Relief efforts to develop the lives of the people in the COH are continually being given.

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