How could the Triplets be Provided when they are in Poverty?

One child’s needs require much from a parent. How much more demanding could it be when you get to have triplets?

This is the same sentiment of Irene Mutya when she gave birth to her triplets. Despite the fact that her husband works on the farm and in construction to provide for their family, food on the table has not been enough to feed themselves and their children.

Heartbroken in their circumstance, Irene thought of bringing the children to adoption but her husband refused. But then, their 250-peso daily income takes a toll on them. They can only afford rice water or simply water to feed them.

The triplets became undernourished and this became top of Irene’s worries.

Upon seeing their condition on a viral video, Operation Blessing (OB) came to their aid. They provided milk, diapers, clothing, and toys for the triplets. OB also included them in their Bless-A-Child program, which is a 10-month feeding program for children. This relieved Irene’s top worries.

To open more income opportunities to Irene, OB taught her how to make dishwashing soap, fabric conditioner, and detergent.

Irene’s family is just one of the families who benefited from OB’s children and livelihood programs. You can be a part of it by partnering with us! Click the link to our giving page or call 737-0-700 for more information on how to donate.

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