From Wrecked to Blessed | John Jerald Cartajena Story

Without hope and feeling lost, John Jerald Cartajena thought it was better to end his life. While he was at the verge of killing himself, John Jerald experienced divine intervention prompting him to stop his plan.

Jerald learned to use and sell illegal drugs at a young age. When his mother, a known pusher was imprisoned, he spiraled into depression.

Jerald felt God speaking to him during his life’s darkest hour. God used The 700 Club Asia through same stories of helplessness and redemption to introduce Jesus Christ to him. When he was able to finally surrender his life to God, Jerald felt the embrace of a father who loved him despite his past mistakes.

Jerald found a new and promised abundant life in God.

This story proved how God brings hope to people through stories featured on The 700 Club Asia. Somebody out needs a touch of God’s love. Help us spread God’s goodness. Call 737-0-700 or visit this link to partner with us.

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