Earning millions from an Unplanned Business | Nice and Paul Sario Story

It was a big surprise for Nice and Paul to earn almost 3 million pesos from their unplanned business. In fact, they didn’t expect it to thrive in an instant.

While other businesses began with extensive meetings and intricate planning, Nice and Paul’s business started with a simple post on social media.

With no prior preparation and materials at hand, they started their business venture as a buy and sell supplier of party needs.

2 days after making their public post, clients called. It continued for weeks until one day, from being a supplier, the turning point of their business began when a client asked if they also serve food or catering services.

The truth was they don’t. But right at that moment, Nice decided to take the risk and say “yes.”

Now, they do not only provide supplies for party needs but also cater food and organize events. Their success prompted them to quit their jobs and focus on what they started.

This step of faith gave way to the birth of Fig Tree Café and Events, which serves a variety of sumptuous meals and offers event services for almost all occasions.

Nice shared how much she knew in her heart that all of these became possible because of God’s favor and grace.

It was a whirlwind of adventure but God guided them one step at a time. They sought God in every decision. Challenges came but they were certain that this business truly belongs to God and not just to them. They believed that He will resolve every obstacle that would come along the way.

Proverbs 10:22 NLT says that, “The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.”

Overwhelmed by these overflowing blessings, Nice and Paul resolved to pay it forward to their staff by giving them equal opportunities to work and serve in their business, even those who weren’t able to finish their studies for a degree.

It was a huge surprise for Nice and Paul and they responded with joy and thanksgiving.

Whenever you allow God to move in your midst, He will still cause blessings to come your way according to His glorious riches. But above everything else, He always looks at the true intentions of your heart.

Are you ready to receive God’s beautiful surprise for you?

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