From a Heart of Stone to Relentless Compassion | Huwarang OFW 2017

Godofredo Bernie Reasol

Godofredo “Bernie” Bernasol was the Huwarang OFW 2016 winner for the Individual Category.

From poverty with a heart full of bitterness and anger against the people who killed his Father, Bernie experienced the goodness of God and was transformed into a man that he is right now. Compassionate and very dedicated in service to God.

“That’s why I am here in the Philippines,” he said, a few minutes after he received the award. “I want to build companies and employ a lot of Filipinos so that they don’t need to go and work abroad anymore,” he added.

Bernie knew the struggle of OFWs well as they try to work hard while away from their families to provide for them. This motivated him to establish not only businesses abroad but also in the Philippines.

He now has a construction firm in the country, including several stores and restaurants in Aklan.

Even after being awarded as the Huwarang OFW 2016, Bernie remains true with his commitment to help his fellow Filipinos.

As a businessman, he continues to use his resources to help by hiring them. He uses his businesses as a platform to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to his workers and employees.

Bernie does all of these because he knew in his heart what his main mission is, and that is to glorify God and Him alone.

In everything you do, always put God at the equation of your life. No matter how much success you have materially, if God is out of the equation of your life, that doesn’t mean anything,” he shares.

Like Bernie, there are lots of OFWs who has inspiring stories.

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