Brigido Ed Madrazo | Huwarang OFW 2017 Family Nominee

Because of poverty, Brigido was unable to finish schooling. He ended up working in the construction industry until he got married. To augment his income and meet the basic needs of his family, he decided to learn how to operate heavy equipment.

To make use of his acquired skills, Brigido went to the Middle East as an overseas Filipino worker. This brought him good income and enabled him to provide well for his family.

However, his loneliness led him to an adulterous relationship. His wife learned about this but she quickly released her forgiveness to Brigido.

Tragedy hit him when his wife got ill and died. Repentant and hurting, Brigido moved on and this time, decided to take the right path.

He was able to reach his dream for his children by providing them good education.

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