God Exposed what I tried to Hide | A Letter for You

A Letter for You from Achan

Desperate, greedy, and covetous – those were the words thrown at me when people found out about my sins.

I cannot deny it.

People knew how much I took from the riches that had to be taken back to God and He Himself knew about it.

Even I knew that I did something wrong.

I felt like I wanted to turn back time and alter every wrong decision I made.

Have you ever felt that way?

Sin brings us to destruction and I can attest to that.

I began hoarding the things that were meant to be God’s possession. In my covetousness, I stole some treasures for myself. I thought that these riches will satisfy me.

It is true, where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I realized that my heart was not in God. I valued the victory He has been giving us but I did not value Him. I delighted in the defeat of our enemies but not in God who fought our battles.

Those pieces of gold and silver uncovered the state of my heart. Those beautiful robe and pieces of coins revealed who I am.

Do not let sin and death reign over your life. My life is not a good example to learn from.

Because of my sin, Israel lost its battle.

God exposed what I tried to hide.

The verdict I received was death for me and my family.

Sin will never bring you any good. No matter how hard you try to bury, cover, and let it pass, it will be exposed and you will face the necessary judgment.

You can do better than I did.

I urge you not to follow my misconduct.

Obey God instead. Listen to Him and follow His instructions carefully.

At times when your enemies will do things that will cause you to sin, bring your case to God in humble repentance.

He will bring you victory over all of your sins.

The enemy will not have any foothold on you.


Urging you to do what is good and live well,


Read more about Achan –Joshua 7, 22:20; 1 Chronicles 2:7

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