There is Hope for Abused Women! – The 700 Club Asia Presents Sais-Katorse


CBN Asia continues to give honor and empower women in this year’s Holy Week specials – The 700 Club Asia Presents Sais-Katorse.

All-woman team Executive Producer and Screenwriter Jocelyn Rayton and Co-directors Jewel Valeroso and Monica Santos braved the pressures of tight deadlines, making ends meet, sudden changes in the script, and scouting for difficult locations, to come up with a telemovie that echoes the million voices of abused women.


“I knew that this story is unusual. Though we got Aubrey’s testimony a year ago, we thought of reserving it for a bigger production and this is it,” Executive Producer and Screenwriter Jocelyn shared in vernacular as she took us into a journey of how the story evolved into a telemovie.

She had to dig deeper up to getting challenged with emotional exhaustion. However, it did not hinder her to come up with a story that will pinch hearts, give hope, and inspire millions of people especially women who went through grave physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse.


jewel and monica

Co-Directors Jewel Valeroso (left) and Monica Santos (right)

Moreover, Co-Director Monica Santos said that they met unexpected challenges in the making of the telemovie through uncontrollable factors like the environment and weather. “We didn’t get everything as planned but the outcome was still good,” she added in vernacular.

Co-director Jewel Valeroso, on the other hand, revealed how she treated the story in a way that would connect its heart to the people. This points out that a person’s past does not define them and that at the end of each story, there is hope for redemption.

The audience will see how God redeemed Aubrey and how she found love even at the lowest point in her life,Jewel said in vernacular when asked what the audience should expect.

Sais-Katorse cast with Aubrey

Sais-Katorse is a true-to-life story of Aubrey Juanta whose innocence was marred by her own father when she was 6 until she was 14 years old. Her roller-coaster life of physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse plus a friend’s betrayal is an eye-opener to women who went through the same. There is hope and freedom even in this messy situation.

Catch The 700 Club Asia Presents Sais-Katorse on Maundy Thursday, April 13, 2017, 6 pm on GMA 7.

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