Your Generosity Helping the Calicdans Endure | Operation Blessing

It is agonizing for parents to see their children suffer in their special condition especially if they could not provide for their needs.

For Merlyn Calicdan, it is much more heart-breaking because 4 of her 11 children have Cerebral Palsy. Her firstborn son even died of it when he was 4 years old.

She needs to give special care for the 4 boys while her husband, who is a fisherman, borrows a fishing net from a neighbor to be able to fish.

Their family income is very low, with an average of 70 pesos per day. That is already for their whole family – 10 siblings, Merlyn, and her husband.

It had been very difficult for them to sustain life though they do not give up. When they have to bring the children to the Health Center, they would borrow a wheelchair from a neighbor but even that had been broken.

Operation Blessing became a channel of provision for their needs when it arrived at their place to conduct Medical missions. It was the first time for the children to be checked up by a doctor.

Aside from medical checkup, they were also given wheelchairs and an electric fan since they only had one for the entire family. Merlyn’s husband also got a new fishing net.

Their story speaks forth that huge storms may hit them but there is nothing they wouldn’t endure. With God by their side and the people who has compassion to help, they will always be victorious.

Your generous donations made this possible as you partnered with us. You can continue giving and blessing other people keeping this partnership. For further inquiries you may contact us through Operation Blessing.

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