Christmas Budget | Financial Tips

There are so many exciting things during Christmas season. One of it is the 13th month pay mandated by the government for all the Filipino employees. There are others who even have cash bonuses in addition.

Of course, we all have different plans on how to spend all that money but how should we take care of our budget this Christmas? To give you some tips on how to make the most out of your Christmas bonus, here is financial expert Vic Garcia.

Do not spend ALL your Christmas bonus for Christmas Gifts.

According to Vic, Saving is your key to financial independence and security.  We cannot predict the future so it is very important to save a portion of our money for future emergencies. However, he suggested that we can always still find a way if we really want to give gifts to our love ones.

Buy Christmas gifts during sale and off season.

The best months to buy everything is during sale and off season! In this way, we can use our money wisely without compromising our budget. We can also be saved from any possible debts.

Share your blessings this Christmas.

Unfortunately, many people can do nothing more than watch the holiday season go by. Vic shares a secret on generosity this Christmas.

If you need encouragement in this area of your finances, we are here to pray for you! Call us at 737-0700, if you’re in Metro Manila. If you are outside Metro Manila or the Philippines, you can contact us at CBN Asia Prayer Center.

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