Christmas Blues Syndrome | Christmas Tips

Do you feel lonely and melancholy this coming Christmas? Is your family out of reach? Maybe an empty chair in your house reminds you of your loneliness.

If you are feeling something like these, you might be experiencing the Christmas Blues Syndrome!

Christians are told to be the happiest during Christmas because it is the most joyful day of the year, a season where we can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

It is great to think that people can be joyful at all times but that is not reality. There are people who may feel so low during and after the holidays.

The Christmas season has become a difficult time for many. If you are among those who get depressed at Christmas, this episode is definitely for you!

Watch and get some tips from Dr. Mariglo Vicente, PhD on how to combat your holiday distress. Be lifted up as he tackles different ways how to overcome your loneliness!

Are you experiencing Christmas Blues? It’s hard to be alone on Christmas. We are here for you. Don’t hesitate. Call us now at 737-0-700 if you’re in Metro Manila. You can contact us through CBN Asia Prayer Center if you are outside Metro Manila or outside the Philippines.

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  • Where can I find the video of Dr Mariglo Vicente on Christmas Blues Syndrome? Please send the link.

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