Are you Single and Looking for “the One?”

single-and-looking-for-the-one“The one” – the right person for you. The man or the woman created by God specifically for you. The one you will love and will love you back for the rest of your life.

Very interesting.

Most singles are at some point guilty of being engrossed with thinking about this right person to be with for the rest of their lives. But then,  why does this quest cause broken hearts if it is really significant?

Unfortunately, many singles tend to focus so much on finding this right person, which leads to distraction and “falling in love” with the wrong person instead.

woman-silhouetteThis is basically due to 2 unwise perspectives – to assume and to rush.

What does it mean to assume? Not every act of kindness from the opposite gender involves romantic intention. Some people are just naturally kind. If passionate intentions are not clear, then there is nothing romantic to consider.

What is with the rush in finding “the one?” This may be because of the fear of being alone and ending up being an old maid or an old bachelor with no family of your own. This distraction steals the moment for a person to discover himself or herself more, and do more things that one cannot do or will be limited to do when already married.

Why not make the most out of your singleness? Travel. Explore. Save money. Get to know yourself more. There is no perfect time in doing these other than while being a single.

man-silhouetteSo if you are single and looking for or waiting for “the one,” maybe it is best to shift your focus to appreciating your current status and enjoying it. But then, prayerfully wait for “the one” while taking every opportunity to be the “right one” yourself.

There is a specific reason for a specific season. Singleness is one of the seasons in life. It is one of the best times when we could grow to be the man or woman that God intended us to be.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time…”Ecclesiastes 3:11a NIV

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