How to Be Punctual at Work | Success Tips | The 700 Club Asia

Are you always late for work? How do you feel when you’re late?

Tardiness is definitely a very difficult habit to break. The way you manage your time reflects your character. It also shows your respect for people. In the workplace, starting your day on time is very important as it will also boost your productivity all day long.

If you are the person who struggles in managing your time correctly, here are tips to be joyful at work even in stressful times from motivational speaker Boris Joaquin. Joaquin will also help you overcome your unpunctuality by giving practical wisdom towards timeliness.

Be motivated to break your old bad habits as he explains how punctuality affects our productivity in so many ways. Here are 3 tips.

  1. Develop a ‘wake up earlier’ attitude. Yes, earlier than your alarm clock if possible.
  2. It is an every day battle with traffic so you should plan ahead how to avoid it.
  3. You can have fun after work, but limit your time if you have to go to work the next day. Always get enough sleep.

Try these tips in battling tardiness and witness a positive change in your productivity at work.

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