Operation Blessing Wheelchair Distribution Program brings Hope to Deroy Siblings


Siblings John Art and Janice Deroy overflowed with joy as they became one of the recipients of the Wheelchair Distribution Program of Operation Blessing (OB).


The Deroy siblings were both afflicted with dwarfism, which is a condition wherein a person’s height is different from a typical adult stature. This condition made it hard for them to live a normal life, even walking.


Because of his short limbs, 28-year-old John Art cannot work. He used to blame their parents for his situation yet later learned to accept his fate. “Some people said I was similar to a crab and Janice from a prawn,” he says.


Their bodies might be short but their hearts are full of joy and their positive outlook in life is very inspiring. Moreover, they are still able to help with household chores despite their physique. Janice can do laundry, cook, and wash the dishes.


However, Janice and John Art did have one wish – to be able to get out of their home and see the beauty of their hometown, Mati, Davao Oriental. This is where Operation Blessing came to their rescue through its Wheelchair Distribution Program.


“The wheelchairs are a big help for the two siblings so that they are not confined inside their homes,” said Gino Agban, Operation Blessing Wheelchair Distribution Program Coordinator.


Excited to see the beautiful world outside the corners of their house, the two siblings’ hearts leaped for joy when they heard that each of them would be given a wheelchair.


“I was so glad when I received the wheelchair because we have always wanted to stroll around our place,” says Janice. John Art could not help but thank Operation Blessing for their new wheelchairs of hope.

John Art and Janice were just a few of the beneficiaries who received a brand new hope through Operation Blessing’s Wheelchair Distribution program in Davao Oriental.

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