Giving your Dreams to God | Lorraine Rubio Testimony

What do you do when you have dreams that seem too big for your hands? Do you turn to God in prayer and supplication or do you choose to do things your way?

Lorraine’s dream for her family was to have their own business, to secure the future of her son, and to have another child. Unfortunately, they were in an unfavorable life condition and these dreams seemed impossible to come to pass.

Instead of laying down these dreams to God in prayer, Lorraine and her husband consulted a man practicing occultism. The man taught them how to pray in Latin words written on a piece of paper.

They became faithful to it, thinking that it will bring forth their aspirations. However, it was just a deception. Their life situation got worse. Their business went bankrupt, and then her husband needed to work abroad. Worse is that her son became sickly.

Until one night, Lorraine got a chance to watch the 700 Club Asia. At that moment, God made it clear to Lorraine that He wants them to put their trust in Him not in man. She called CBN Asia Prayer Center and she was reassured that if she will take God as their provider, He will meet their needs abundantly. She also accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.

After praying and giving all her dreams to God, blessings started pouring out into their family. They got reunited in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), actively attended church, and were delivered from occult practices. There is even more! Lorraine got pregnant. God truly responded and gave them all their hearts’ desires.

Here’s her story.

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