Freedom from Occult and Demon Worship | Nikko Nicanor Testimony

The Perils of Favoritism

Parents should be the first instrument of God’s love and refuge to the children. God purposely designed the family to provide a safe place where children can experience God’s love and learn how to love other people at the same time, but wrong parenting methods harms children and affects their character. Perhaps one of the greatest mistake a parent can make is to exasperate the precious children God has entrusted to his or her care.

Favoritism in the family is unfair. It is incorrect and parents should be aware that it is very hurtful. It can cause lasting insecurity to the less- favored child. Nikko knew this very well because it severely damaged his self-confidence.

Throughout the years, Nikko had to strive hard to get the full attention and respect of his parents. Instead of dwelling in the pain, he sought to excel in school to win their hearts. He also sought the love and attention through romantic relationships. Later on, one of his girlfriends led him into the dark world of the occult where he learned incantations and other practices.

Find out how God intervened in Nikko’s life when one of his girlfriend’s office mate invited them to go to church. Watch how God’s love touched, delivered and transformed him through the love and power of Jesus Christ. Now Nikko has found the real Father’s love and affection. He learned about his significance. He had been delivered from the occult and had been experiencing freedom and joy in his life since then.



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