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“Maybe people don’t know the promises they make when they’re making them.”

This is just one of the many striking lines that you will hear from the 1st episode of Current, in the heart melting spoken word piece about love and broken hearts titled Buttered Toast. This is written and performed by Dominique Espiritu and Tristan Ortega.

Dominique and Tristan are currently Freshmen students at the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus, taking up Speech Communication and Film, respectively. Interestingly, they were also classmates during high school and it was within that period when their hearts first ignited for the spoken word poetry.

dominique-espirituDominique’s fascination in this new art started when she saw An Origin Story, performed by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye. Complemented by her passion in writing, she delved into the spoken word poetry with real life experiences as her favorite subjects. “There is no art quite like the human heart and mind,” she shares.

Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye are both famous spoken word artists and co-directors of Project V.O.I.C.E, an organization who aims to use spoken word poetry as a tool to educate and inspire people.

tristan-ortegaOne of Tristan’s influences in this form of art is Shane Koyczan, a Canadian spoken word poet who belongs to the trio Tons of Fun University, doing musicals and spoken word about social issues.

Tristan described his first spoken word poetry experience as “obligatory.” It was initially just for a school competition but he ended loving the craft. He saw it as an avenue for the voiceless and started performing since then.

Tristan and Dominique began performing together after joining spoken word poetry competitions where they will get the 1st and 2nd places, respectively.

“It’s wonderful performing with someone who is almost in sync with me. During our performances, we can trust each other fully to fulfill our respective roles,” Tristan shares.

Buttered Toast is about broken promises and broken hearts that find healing with the fact that God always has a plan for our lives that is better than ours.


Tristan Ortega

“God will pick you up and make you more beautiful than you can ever imagine. Even though we all go through the ugly parts of relationships and love, there is a love that will hold on to you and lead you to the right path,” says Tristan.


Dominique Espiritu

“God’s plan, regardless of what it may be, is what makes every circumstance beautiful and worth celebrating,” adds Dominique.

Tristan and Dominique are both a part of The Upward Project, a community of artists housing talents not just for spoken word poetry but also for music and visual arts.

Check out their poignant performance of Buttered Toast for Current’s first episode on Saturday, November 5.

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