Understanding Halloween | Should Christians Celebrate It?

understanding-halloweenIt has been a tradition that on the eve of October 31 and on November 1, Halloween is being celebrated worldwide, but how did this holiday start and should it really be celebrated by Christians?

Before it was designated to be commemorated every 1st of November by Pope Gregory IV, Halloween was initiated by the Celtic religion. The reason why people dress up with horrifying costumes every Halloween traces back from a Druidic tradition of the Celts.

The Celtic religion, better known as Celtic paganism or polytheism, is the belief system employed by the Celts who lived in Northern France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. This religion have animistic qualities worshipping many gods, practicing occult, and giving spiritual significance to nature.

The Druids are the educated and priestly class among the Celts. They worship Samhain, the god of death every evening of October 31. It was believed that Samhain would send evil spirits to attack humans. The Celts would disguise themselves with horrifying masks and clothing like evil spirits in order to escape this supernatural attack.

In the Celtic calendar, October 31 marks the last day of summer – a season primarily associated with the sun god of the Celts, Belenus. When the sun god wanes its light, the evil spirits and the power of darkness become stronger. For this reason, those who practice witchcraft believe that divinations and evil rituals are most effective during this period.

These are just a few of the many shadowy facts about Halloween. Though we usually associate it with innocent costume parties and trick or treats, we cannot deny the fact that it is rooted from pagan beliefs that come against Christian beliefs.

the-cross-light-in-the-darkessAs believers of Jesus who Himself is the light and the truth, the One who was resurrected after suffering and dying on the cross to pay for our sins that we may have eternal life, isn’t it contradicting to celebrate an event that highlight the complete opposite of it?

He said in His word, “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.” – Ephesians 5:8, NIV

Should a festivity celebrating the power darkness be observed by the children of light?

Celebrations are to remember victorious and joyous moments. For instance, The Israelites celebrate the Feast of the Passover when God through Moses led Israel out of Egypt by splitting the Red Sea. Christians celebrate Christmas as the day when Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior is born.

Now understanding the origin and reason why Halloween is being celebrated, do you think it is still worth your time and effort to do so as a believer of Christ?

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