Oyayi “Meet and Greet” Grand Launch at the Robinsons Forum

pangkat-oyayi-meet-and-greetMANDALUYONG CITY – The entire cast of Oyayi was present at their “meet and greet” grand launching at the Robinsons Forum on Saturday, October 22, 2016. It is the newest TV show produced by CBN Asia, with its debut on television on Sunday, October 23, 2016 at ABS-CBN.

Kids of different ages, singing and dancing while led by Superbook’s Gizmo, brought a lot of fun to the successful event before Pangkat Oyayi came on stage. The children not only danced to the theme song of Oyayi but also of Superbook.

Telebobby, Kuwago Zhibago and Kuya Maki led the kids in a series of games, one of which is a fun activity that tested knowledge of the kids about recycling. The children learned about segregating the biodegradable items from the non-biodegradable while bringing out their competitive side. Other games include finding Oyayi characters hidden underneath the chairs and fun trivia about the Philippines.

Afterwards, Kuya Maki introduced the rest of the cast – Tarsiera, Dok Pil, Tama Raw, Diva Butanding and Bon Haribon. The audience gave different answers when asked who their favorite character was.

“I like Bon Haribon, kasi siya yung pinaka mukhang bida,” says Sean, age 9. (I like Bon Haribon, because he’s the one who looks the most like a hero.)

Tama Raw and Dok Pil were the favorites of parents who felt they would be good role models for their children due to their qualities – being wise, intelligent and hardworking. On the other hand, Diva Butanding also had loyal fans.

“Ay siyempre, kay Diva kami,” said a few women present at the event. “Taga Sorsogon kami eh.” (Of course we’re going with Diva. We’re from Sorsogon.) Sorsogon is a place in the Philippines where a lot of “butandings” (whale sharks) can be found.

However, Tarsiera was the top favorite Oyayi character. When asked why, several kids simply answered, “She’s the cutest.”

oyayi-meet-and-greetAll the kids and the adults present said that they were looking forward to watching Oyayi. It had been many years since they were able to watch an educational children’s show. “I learned a lot from TV growing up,” said a teen. “It’d be nice if my little siblings would learn something too.”

You can catch Oyayi at ABS-CBN every Sunday, 9:30 AM.


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