Finding Rest and Comfort Episode Trailer | The 700 Club

Finding rest and comfort is sometimes the hardest thing to see just when you are very heavily burdened.

Marjorie is a single Mom who was diagnosed with tonsillitis. At first, the prescribed medications helped her but a few years later, the pain on her throat went back. This got her so burdened. Find out how she got to finding her rest and comfort.

Food is hard to find in Maila’s home, but this poverty motivated her to finish schooling and secure a better future. She succeeded with frustrations as she was not able to take the degree that she really dreams of. When she got her own family and lost her job at the same time her husband did, their faith in the Lord was tested heavily. Witness her quest in finding comfort and rest during her trying times.

Stick to the truth that you can lay down your heavy burdens and feel lighter and relieved as you watch our episode on “Finding Rest and Comfort” on Thursday, September 15, 2016, 12 midnight at GMA 7.

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