Euphoria Flight with Drugs to Your Forbidden Cloud Nine

Cloud NineCloud nine – perfect happiness. It is like a kaleidoscope world that drug abuse offers. Filled with different colors, hues, and promising sensations that brings you higher and higher in euphoria.

Suddenly, the sensation that the drug abuse gave starts to vanish. Now you are panicking. Anxious. Desperate.

You know that it wasn’t supposed to end like this. You have been chasing that cloud for so long because of that promise of euphoria, and you believed it. This is why you decided to take drugs, isn’t it?

But then, it left you vulnerable and helpless. No matter what you do, you just couldn’t feel anything anymore. You couldn’t go back to that same euphoric state once it started going away.

Seems like you have reached the dead end.

kaleidoscopeYour drug addiction has given you a promise of escape and joy but it made you even more imprisoned and depressed instead. You have come a long way in its cloud nine promise but now you are back in the wilderness, lost, without any idea why.

Have you ever tried to from the time this all started and asked yourself, why am I trying to escape? What am I so afraid of?

And you remembered, your parents separated. Your classmates called you names. People judge you just because they want to. They don’t even know your story. They don’t even know anything. Yet they choose to treat you unfairly.

And here you are believing those lies. But what’s the truth?

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb…your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me are written in your book before one of them came to be.” –Psalm 139:13, 16

you are fearfully and wonderfully madePeople may not know but the God who created you knows everything and He does understand. From your very thoughts, your characteristics, up to the circumstances you have been in and you are currently in, nothing is hidden from His sight.

God says He knows everything about your life and that it is written in His book. He is in control. You don’t have to be afraid nor runaway from life’s awful moments and circumstances. Listen to that sweeter song that tells you that you are precious and valued.

You don’t need a deceitful cloud nine to take you to paradise. You don’t need illegal drugs for an escape plan because God’s intentional love is more than enough to take you to where you should go without ever getting lost.

We are here to listen to your story. Call us if you need somebody to talk to. Our CBN Asia Prayer Center in Metro Manila is 737-0-700. You can contact us here if you are outside the Philippines or outside Metro Manila.

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